focus group

Team-based Online Focus Group Activity Collects Student Input on Capstone Project (Agricultural and Food Systems)

Focus groups provide a way to get feedback about student experiences, perceptions, and motivations, and can provide insight into the ways a curriculum can be most effectively designed to support student learning. In Spring 2017, ATL worked with Dr. Desmond Layne, Director of Agricultural and Food Systems (AFS), to pilot a new focus group activity […]

Getting Industry Input on the Curriculum (Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles)

On a cold day in January 2014, before classes had begun for spring semester, the faculty of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles (AMDT) assembled in a large classroom. Joining them were three guests, industry representatives who had flown in from Seattle for the day. The meeting’s objective was to share perspectives about what industry-readiness means […]

Seniors Reflect on their Curriculum: Student Focus Groups (Neuroscience)

At WSU, Spring is the time of year for rain and tulips–and also for student focus groups. A number of academic programs conduct focus groups with their graduating seniors during the last weeks of spring semester every year or every other year to get feedback about students’ experiences in their major.

Focus Group Season

In the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning, the end of every semester is a time for student focus groups. In the past few years, ATL has conducted focus groups with students in their senior year for several programs at WSU. These conversations can be a great way to capture students’ perspectives on their […]