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ACE Assessment Digest

ACE Assessment Digest (formerly ATL Assessment Digest) is a bite-sized monthly email intended to communicate news and resources to help undergraduate academic programs implement good assessment practices and leverage available resources.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In line with President Schulz’ 8/27/20 message, the ACE Assessment Digest will be on hold for AY 2020-21 to help reduce the number of emails received by faculty and leadership. In the meantime, we will continue to post assessment-related updates at

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Office of Assessment of Teaching & Learning
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February 2020
NSSE Resources for WSU Academic Programs
Disaggregated NSSE reports have been distributed to programs in which 10 or more certified senior majors responded to the 2019 National Survey of Student Engagement.

ATL, in collaboration with Institutional Research, works to disaggregate results by major for undergraduate academic degree programs and colleges, focusing on responses from seniors, to provide information about the student perspective to help continually improve the learning experience for students.

ATL's NSSE Toolkit includes resources that may be useful for interpreting and using NSSE as an indirect measure for program-level assessment, such as:
  • Guiding Questions for Interpreting NSSE
  • Using the NSSE Report Builder to Examine Discipline Specific Peer Comparisons
  • NSSE to Inform Program Decisions

  • As you examine your 2019 NSSE results, ATL is available to answer questions, and help programs interpret and use NSSE results.


    Get NSSE Results Used
    Because NSSE asks questions about specific experiences rather than satisfaction, results are often "actionable." Put NSSE results to good use with these tips from Linda Suskie.

    FYI: [CAPS] Assessment for UCORE
    Each semester, [CAPS] instructors submit a short [CAPS] Course Assessment Report for UCORE. For more information, see UCORE's [CAPS] Course Assessment page.
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