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The ACE Assessment Digest is a bite-sized email, sent twice a semester, intended to communicate news and resources to help WSU undergraduate academic programs implement good program assessment practices and leverage available resources. See below for the current issue and an archive of past issues.


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ACE Assessment Digest | March 2024

In this issue:

Thank You: 2023 Undergraduate Degree Program Assessment Reporting

We’d like to extend our appreciation to all faculty and chairs/directors who invested time in undergraduate program assessment activities, as well as into annual degree program assessment reporting for 2023. In April, assessment coordinators and chairs/directors will receive a PDF copy of their final report via email for their continued use and archive.

As we do each year, we will compile the data from the 2023 undergraduate program assessment reports and produce summaries for WSU, college, and campus leadership, as well as for our university-wide archives that provide evidence of assessment activities in support of university accreditation. The annual WSU-wide summary of undergraduate program assessment reports is also published on the ACE website each fall—keep an eye out for an announcement in a future issue of the ACE Assessment Digest!

As faculty and leadership engage in program-level assessment over time, and work to improve the quality and utility of their assessment elements, we are collectively developing mature, meaningful systems that meet the evolving needs of WSU students, faculty and disciplines. For more information about undergraduate program assessment reporting, including past summaries, visit our Annual Program Assessment Reporting webpages.

Smith Teaching and Learning Grant Applications Due March 13

WSU’s Interim Vice for Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Achievement is soliciting Smith Teaching and Learning Grant proposals around innovative ideas that enhance teaching and learning at WSU. The focus area for 2024-2025 is shifting to encompass a broader range of teaching and learning transformations, including those connected to program-level assessment.

Starting this year, successful proposals must address one or more of the Eight Principles of Effective Teaching that have been outlined by the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas. For example, projects may address aligning program learning outcomes, assessments, and activities, scaffolding program learning outcomes across the curriculum, developing a variety of methods to assess program learning outcomes, and/or using program assessment data to support student learning and inform instruction.

Proposals, including a signed endorsement by the applicant’s chair, can be submitted through an online application form through March 13, 2024. Smith grants will be awarded in amounts up to $5,000 and announced in early April. See the Request for Proposals for more information.

Transitions in the Faculty Assessment Coordinator Role in Your Department, School, or Program for AY 2024-25

If you will no longer be serving in the Faculty Assessment Coordinator role for an undergraduate degree for AY 2024-25, or are aware of personnel changes in the Faculty Assessment Coordinator role for AY 2024-25 for your department, school, or program, please let us know at

Assessment Plans Toolkit: Resources for Developing and Updating Program Assessment Plans

An assessment plan articulates a program’s process and timeline for conducting program assessment activities, and for collecting, analyzing, and using program assessment data. Assessment plans also help communicate the various roles and responsibilities of program leadership and faculty in the assessment process.

Our Assessment Plans toolkit includes resources intended to help programs and faculty as they develop or update their program assessment plan, including our:

We are also available to collaborate with undergraduate degree programs to develop or update assessment plans for program assessment; contact us for additional information.

Program Assessment Archives Toolkit: Resources for Developing and Maintaining Program Assessment Archives

As we approach the end of the academic year, programs may find it useful to consider their program assessment archive. An assessment archive contains documentation of a program’s assessment activities, providing a record of the components of a program’s assessment work over time.

Program assessment materials are program assets and valuable resources for supporting effective curriculum and instruction. Our Assessment Archives Toolkit includes resources intended to help WSU programs and faculty as they develop or maintain their program assessment archive, including our:

We are also available to collaborate with undergraduate degree programs to develop archives for program-level assessment; contact us for additional information.

FYI – Calendar of Spring 2024 Dates Related to Program Assessment

DecMid DecProgram assessment coordinators receive an email from ACE with a unique link to their 2023 Undergraduate Program Assessment Reporting form in Qualtrics. Assessment coordinators can submit their report during the open reporting window — anytime from mid-Dec 2023 through Feb 2024.
Jan5thFall 2023 [CAPS] Assessment Reports for UCORE are due (i.e., reporting closes).
8thFirst day of instruction for the spring term.
Feb1stSpring submission deadline for major Curricular Change Requests for new and revised courses.
Early FebFall 2023 [CAPS] instructors receive a pdf copy of their [CAPS] Assessment Report for UCORE from UCORE via email. Note: Typically, assessment in a [CAPS] course for majors can contribute toward degree program level assessment of student learning – see our resource related to [CAPS] Assessment Reporting for UCORE as part of degree program assessment.
6thDeadline for undergraduate students to drop a course without record.
Late FebSpring 2024 [CAPS] instructors receive an email from UCORE with initial information about [CAPS] Assessment Reporting for UCORE for the spring term.
29th2023 Undergraduate Program Assessment Reports are due (i.e., reporting closes). Assessment coordinators (or another knowledgeable assessment contact) need to be available to answer questions until March 31st.
April12thDeadline for undergraduate students to withdraw from a course.
Mid to Late AprilEach program will receive a PDF copy of their final 2023 Undergraduate Program Assessment Report from ACE for their continued use and archive.
Late AprilSpring 2024 [CAPS] instructors receive their link to the [CAPS] Assessment Reporting for UCORE form in Qualtrics via email (i.e., reporting opens).
26thLast day of instruction for the term.
May7thFinal grade submission ends.
15thSpring 2024 [CAPS] Assessment Reports for UCORE are due (i.e., reporting closes).

ACE Support for Program Assessment Efforts

We work with colleges and programs to assess student learning towards the improvement of undergraduate degree programs. ACE also provides assessment support for university-wide undergraduate education, serving all colleges, campuses, and UCORE general education. See What We Do for more information, including our mission.

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ACE Assessment Digest is a bite-sized email, sent twice a semester, communicating timely information about undergraduate program assessment at WSU. To send feedback, tips, or to opt out, email


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