Annual Program Assessment Reporting

WSU undergraduate degree programs are responsible for reporting annually on program-level assessment, submitting a report to ACE. ACE provides an annual program assessment report form in Qualtrics for programs to use, along with additional reporting resources, and ACE staff are also available to answer questions and help assessment coordinators complete the report.

See Writing Your Annual Program Assessment Report for more information.

Reporting Goals

Annual reporting on program assessment furthers several goals:

  • Helps programs document their assessment activities and processes; may assist in identifying needs and next steps.
  • Serves as an institutional inventory, providing a snapshot of current assessment activities within colleges and institution-wide.
    • WSU-wide: Information from annual program assessment reports are compiled to provide WSU-wide summaries of undergraduate program assessment. This information is shared with WSU leadership, helps inform WSU-wide goals and initiatives, and helps ACE prioritize where support is needed.
    • Colleges: Results are also compiled for each college to provide a snapshot of assessment in the college. College summaries are shared for discussion with college leadership.
  • Contributes to WSU’s regional accreditation requirements under the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities (NWCCU); helps respond to recommendations.

ACE Services for Program Assessment Reporting

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Each undergraduate academic program that offers a degree needs to report annually on assessment, submitting a report to ACE. Thresholds for annual program assessment reporting modify the reporting process in small undergraduate programs, see Writing Your Annual Program Assessment Report for details. For questions about specific degree programs contact us.

Yes, graduate programs also report regularly on their program-level assessment. See the Graduate School website for details.

Yes, every undergraduate degree program reports to ACE annually on its assessment.

ACE makes improvements to the report form, as needed, in order to streamline the reporting process and to meet evolving needs at WSU. Please contact us to give input.