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New Online Course Evaluation System Successfully Launched

In fall 2014, students in about half of WSU’s classes used the university’s new online course evaluation system, eXplorance Blue. “Four colleges had overall response rates of 70% or higher — the new system’s automated email reminders and mobile-friendly interface may both have helped. Students were able to use mobile devices, such as smartphones and […]

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Spring Pilot for a Course Evaluation Product

ATL is offering and managing a spring “proof of concept” pilot for an online course evaluation system with eXplorance Blue. The pilot is designed to test key course scenarios in the WSU environment, such as team-taught classes, multi-campus classes, large classes, use of mobile devices, instructor-added questions, and flexible reporting.  “Behind-the-scenes” aspects of log-in and […]

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Student Assessment of Their Learning Gains (SALG) Instrument

Instructors, are you looking for a quick way to assess if various aspects of your course are helping students learn? The Student Assessment of Their Learning Gains (SALG) is a free, adjustable course-evaluation tool that measures the degree to which a course helps students reach a course’s student learning outcomes. The SALG invites students to […]

Skylight Retirement and Replacement

In the coming year, WSU will retire and replace the Skylight Survey System, an in-house software used for course evaluations and other WSU surveys. Skylight is currently operated and supported by the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning, which will decommission Skylight and transition to a commercial course evaluation system. The intention of the […]

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Revising and Piloting Course Evaluations

ATL has helped several programs revise their course evaluations this semester.  We also helped develop a revised college-level course evaluation and pilot it with students in different courses and departments, getting feedback about how they understood and used the instrument.  In these discussions, we asked students which questions they thought were most important, what they […]

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Upgrade to Online Course Evaluations in Skylight Survey System

Spring semester, 2011 Improved delivery of online course evaluations using a universal url and single sign-on for students. Improved reporting of online course evaluation results allows us to more quickly produce reports for current users this spring. Fall semester, 2011 Contact us starting in July if your college or department would like to start using […]

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