New Online Course Evaluation System Successfully Launched

In fall 2014, students in about half of WSU’s classes used the university’s new online course evaluation system, eXplorance Blue.

“Four colleges had overall response rates of 70% or higher — the new system’s automated email reminders and mobile-friendly interface may both have helped. Students were able to use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to complete course evaluations,” explained Kimberly Green, Director of the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL), which is managing the new system.

“We’re pleased with a successful migration of online course evaluations for most colleges that used Skylight in the past. That represented about half of WSU’s courses, across six colleges and Global Campus,” Green added, “a huge project for one semester.” Faculty and students had a smooth experience in Blue overall, indicated by a low level of help requests.

For spring 2015, Blue will be limited to the colleges and programs that participated last fall. ATL technical staff are making many adjustments behind-the-scenes, in preparation for scaling up next fall. ATL is also working with faculty, staff and administration to refine the analysis and reports generated in the new system.

This semester, most courses in these colleges will offer evaluations in Blue: College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences; Honors College; College of Nursing; College of Pharmacy; College of Veterinary Medicine, and Voiland College of Engineering. Courses offered online through Global Campus will also use the new system.

Other colleges will move into Blue over the next four semesters, coordinated at the college level. ATL is available to work with other colleges to develop and test an online course evaluation. By fall 2016, all WSU classes will be phased in to using eXplorance Blue for course evaluations.