WSU Expectations and Guidance for AY 2020-21 Undergraduate Program Assessment

This academic year, WSU recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic context & impacts remain fluid and unpredictable, and that faculty, staff & students are managing many concerns at work and home. As a result, there will be wide variation in the assessment programs can accomplish. Below are university expectations and guidance for undergraduate program assessment this […]

New Unit Name, Mission Statement, and Website: ATL is now the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness (ACE)

As the academic year unfolds, our office will be working under a new name, as the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness (ACE), formerly the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL). “Our unit’s new name recognizes that program-level assessment at WSU has matured over the past ten years,” explains ACE Director Kimberly Green. […]

WSU EPPM Updated to Recognize Value of Program Assessment

Faculty Senate recently approved an update to university-wide assessment policy, making more explicit the value of genuine assessment of student learning, as a way to identify areas of weakness, as well as strengths, and help guide program improvement. The statement, added to the Educational Policies and Procedures Manual (EPPM, Section 11.4), also specifies that assessment […]

Sample Reflective Questions for Undergraduate Degree Program Assessment for Spring 2020

The unexpected COVID-19 outbreak, and resulting move to remote learning, means a disrupted and stressful semester with substantial challenges and changes to courses, teaching, and learning. As outlined in ATL’s Guidance and Priorities for Undergraduate Program Assessment for Spring 2020, programs may want to consider conducting alternative formative assessment activities, to help gauge the impacts […]

Guidance and Priorities for Undergraduate Program Assessment for Spring 2020

Recognizing the unexpected move to distance education means a disrupted and stressful semester, with substantial challenges to teaching and learning, this message offers guidance on undergraduate program assessment activities and flexible approaches to gather useful information, including how to set assessment priorities in the coming weeks. ATL developed this guidance in consultation with Vice Provost […]

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Brief Program Assessment Update for Spring 2020

ATL has received a few recent emails from assessment coordinators regarding program assessment expectations this semester. We appreciate that faculty are focused on moving courses online and meeting the needs of students as they return from spring break.  Once we have a clearer picture of how this semester will play out—with online instruction, operational shifts […]

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New Timeframe for Undergraduate Program Assessment Reporting

Based on thorough discussion with the Liaison Council for Undergraduate Assessment, Vice Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Mary Wack, and the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning, annual undergraduate program assessment reporting will be shifting to a calendar year cycle. This change impacts the 2020 reports that undergraduate programs will be submitting, […]

Reporting Program Assessment Activities in Activity Insight for Faculty Annual Review

Beginning in 2018, updates to WSU’s faculty manual provide recognition for faculty participation in assessment in the annual review process, as part of Teaching or Service accomplishments, depending on the activity. This update aligns with the university’s EPPM policies on assessment, which include recognizing assessment work in annual review at all levels. Now, in 2020, […]

Celebrating Excellence in WSU Undergraduate Program Assessment

On November 6th, the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL), Interim Provost Bryan Slinker, and Vice Provost Mary F. Wack hosted the second Celebration of Assessment Excellence, shining a spotlight on good practices in learning outcomes assessment and the efforts of program faculty, faculty assessment coordinators, chairs and directors, representing diverse academic programs […]

WSU-wide Summary of 2019 Undergraduate Degree Program Assessment Reports Available

In October, ATL provided Vice Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Mary Wack and Vice Provost for System Innovation and Policy Craig Parks with the 2019 WSU-wide Summary of Undergraduate Degree Program Assessment Reports. WSU’s undergraduate degree programs report annually on their system of assessing student learning, a practice begun in 2009. Program-level assessment […]