New Unit Name, Mission Statement, and Website: ATL is now the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness (ACE)

As the academic year unfolds, our office will be working under a new name, as the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness (ACE), formerly the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL).

“Our unit’s new name recognizes that program-level assessment at WSU has matured over the past ten years,” explains ACE Director Kimberly Green. “ACE highlights the role of program-level assessment of student learning in supporting quality undergraduate curricula.”

ACE Mission Statement: ACE’s updated mission statement also reflects this connection.

Mission: ACE supports WSU faculty and leadership in developing and implementing meaningful and sustainable program-level assessment systems. Program faculty use their assessment system to collect evidence related to student achievement of learning outcomes, which informs decisions about the design and delivery of high-quality undergraduate curricula.

ACE’s unit name and mission underscore the fact that effective curriculum and assessment contribute to WSU’s educational quality, student learning achievement, and our land grant mission. Assessment can help WSU program faculty offer their students the best possible education.

ACE Website: Additionally, we’ve been working to launch our revamped website, now, which includes more information about our mission, values, and services. The ACE website also provides information and practical resources to support WSU faculty planning and conducting undergraduate program assessment. Please note, however, that a number of resources in our assessment toolkits are still in the process of being updated to reflect our new name.

For more information or questions about our new name or website, or if you’d like to meet with us to discuss your program assessment needs, contact us at