Sample Reflective Questions for Undergraduate Degree Program Assessment for Spring 2020

The unexpected COVID-19 outbreak, and resulting move to remote learning, means a disrupted and stressful semester with substantial challenges and changes to courses, teaching, and learning. As outlined in ATL’s Guidance and Priorities for Undergraduate Program Assessment for Spring 2020, programs may want to consider conducting alternative formative assessment activities, to help gauge the impacts of this semester on teaching, learning, and curricula. This input may be useful in informing decisions about potential adjustments to courses taught in upcoming semesters.

ATL has prepared sample reflective questions (downloadable Word document) intended to help undergraduate degree programs intentionally gather input about adjustments made this semester and potential impacts on student learning throughout the curriculum. This resource is intended to provide a flexible approach to collecting valuable input from program faculty and/or students to be used as qualitative program assessment data this semester. ATL encourages programs to adapt and implement these reflective questions as best fits their context and capacity.

We appreciate all that faculty, advisors, and staff are doing to deliver courses and support students, and are glad to discuss these reflective questions to help determine what will serve each program. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.