WSU Expectations and Guidance for AY 2020-21 Undergraduate Program Assessment

This academic year, WSU recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic context & impacts remain fluid and unpredictable, and that faculty, staff & students are managing many concerns at work and home. As a result, there will be wide variation in the assessment programs can accomplish.

Below are university expectations and guidance for undergraduate program assessment this academic year, developed in discussion with the Liaison Council for Undergraduate Assessment (with representation from colleges and campuses offering undergraduate degrees), the Provost’s Office, and the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness (ACE).

For AY 2020-21, undergraduate degree programs are expected to:

1. Submit their 2020 program assessment report

  • Undergraduate programs will use Qualtrics to submit their 2020 annual report about program assessment conducted during the 2020 calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31), during the open reporting window – anytime from mid-Dec 2020 through Feb 2021. (See Writing Your Program Report for more information.)
  • Programs should contact ACE if they’d like help preparing their annual report.
  • Note: Annual reporting is a university requirement.

2. Where possible, conduct some program-level assessment related activities

  • Undergraduate programs should carry out some program assessment work this academic year, where possible, after taking into account program context and pressing questions.
  • Prioritize assessment that fits the program’s context and capacity, and that will advance meaningful program assessment in the future.
  • Consider assessing senior major achievement of a program-level student learning outcome or making use of existing assessment data to make adjustments in the COVID-19 context.
  • Contact ACE with questions or for support in assessment planning or activities.
  • Note: Program assessment is a university expectation to support quality academic programs.

Additional Guidance

  • To conserve and allocate faculty time this academic year, it’s important that the undergraduate program’s leadership group (chair/director, faculty assessment coordinator, undergraduate studies director or similar role) agree on priorities and feasibility.
  • Where possible, choose something useful for undergraduate curriculum and program assessment.