Developing an Archive for Assessment (School of Design and Construction)

Assessment data collected by a degree program are valuable tools in making decisions about teaching and learning. As such, it is important to both protect data and provide appropriate access to data and results from data analysis (i.e. information derived from data). A well-established infrastructure makes evidence of student learning readily available for faculty and departments to use in decision-making, and reduces the logistical burden on faculty. 

ATL Assessment Mini-grant Project: In the academic year 2015-16, the School of Design and Construction (SDC) received assessment mini grant funding in support of their project “SDC Assessment Archive,” which involved the creation of a single, organized database to contain all SDC assessment materials, data and reports. The creation and organization of this electronic file folder system will allow for easier access to assessment materials, encouraging the ongoing evaluation and assessment of programs for continuous improvement.

According to Phil Gruen, SDC Director and project leader, this mini grant project has helped “raise awareness in the SDC regarding assessment,” while reinforcing the idea that “assessment is an ongoing, important process to maintain healthy programs and to keep up with changes in student learning.”

For additional information about assessment mini grants, including examples of other previously funded projects, see ATL’s Assessment Mini-Grant webpage.