Assessment Mini-Grants

To help support undergraduate academic programs working to improve assessment of student learning, and university priorities for quality curriculum and instruction, ACE began offering mini-grants in 2015. WSU faculty who are involved with the development, implementation, or use of undergraduate program student learning outcomes assessment are welcome to apply for ACE’s assessment mini-grants. ACE will award assessment mini-grants of up to $500 each, to fund direct costs connected to program-level assessment, such as equipment, materials, software or licenses, external instruments, professional development activities or resources (see the Request for Proposals (PDF) for more information).

Mini-grant projects should:

  • Contribute to systematic assessment, for example, helping a program get through a bottleneck in its assessment plan, measures or data analysis, or
  • Pilot an innovative approach to assessment, connected to the program’s assessment needs, or
  • Provide faculty professional development in program-level learning outcomes assessment.

Mini-grants are awarded on a rolling-basis. WSU faculty are encouraged to submit proposals as program-level assessment needs arise.