Assessment Mini-Grants: Applications Now Accepted on a Rolling Basis

ATL is pleased to announce that assessment mini-grants will now be available on a rolling basis. WSU faculty who are involved with the development, implementation, or use of undergraduate program student learning outcomes assessment are welcome to apply for ATL’s assessment mini-grants. ATL will award assessment mini-grants of up to $500 each, to fund direct costs connected to program-level assessment. 

Projects should

  • Contribute to systematic assessment, for example, helping a program get through a bottleneck in its assessment plan, measures or data analysis, or
  • Pilot an innovative approach to assessment, connected to the program’s assessment needs, or
  • Provide faculty professional development in program-level learning outcomes assessment.

Funding is for direct costs, which may include equipment, materials, software or licenses, external instruments, professional development activities or resources, or costs for data collection or analysis, including wages-stipends for time slip assistance or help with logistics of an assessment activity.

First offered in Fall 2015, all programs completing their assessment mini-grant projects in AY 2015-16 indicated that mini-grant funding was very worthwhile to their program assessment.

For additional information about assessment mini grants, see ATL’s Assessment Mini-Grant webpage.