ATL Offers Curriculum Mappping Workshop for Integrated Plant Science

Curriculum maps are like road-maps that guide a student’s progression through a program of study.  Using a matrix format,  a curriculum map aligns student learning outcomes for a degree with courses in the program of study.  It provides a useful visual representation of the curriculum.

On November 18, 2013, the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL) led a curriculum mapping workshop for Integrated Plant Sciences (IPS). ATL shared sample curriculum maps and ways they can show how individual courses contribute to the curriculum, reveal any gaps in the curriculum, and identify places for program assessment. IPS faculty members considered which of the degree’s learning outcomes their particular course(s) addressed, as well as the level of student achievement expected by the end of each course. Faculty members then mapped courses onto a matrix with IPS student learning outcomes.  Updating their curriculum map gave faculty a chance to discuss changes in course offerings with an eye to the whole program of study.

ATL supports assessment in academic programs by providing workshops on topics such as curriculum mapping. Please contact us to learn more about ATL’s workshops or schedule one for your department, college, or campus.