Assessment Reports and Updates to WSU Leadership

ATL provided WSU leadership with a system-wide snapshot of undergraduate program assessment and a status update on WSU’s accreditation and assessment: 2011 Compiled Undergraduate Program Assessment Report: WSU’s institution-wide report, based on the compiled results of the 2011 program assessment reports and the spring-fall 2011 assessment inventory survey. 2012 Regional Accreditation and Assessment Update – […]

Undergraduate Program Assessment Inventory, Institution-wide

Institution-wide, this spring WSU undergraduate programs are doing assessment inventories designed to provide: A baseline of the kinds of data collected in each program, each college, and the institution to show where programs have common assessment activities and needs. Easily digestible results that can be used to help optimize the efficiency and impact of assessment […]

Accreditation Progress Report

In June 2009 the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) reaffirmed WSU’s regional accreditation. At that time, WSU was asked by the Commission to provide responses to three recommendations, which it did in October 2010. (Find the Progress Report and more information about WSU’s 2009 NWCCU accreditation at In the process of developing […]

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