ATL Visit to WSU Tri-Cities and Assignment Design Workshop

ATL would like to thank WSU Tri-Cities faculty and staff for a successful visit this fall. In November, ATL traveled to WSU’s Tri-Cities Campus to meet with WSU Tri-Cities colleagues about program assessment and to present a workshop on Transparent Assignment Design

Over our two-day visit, ATL, together with CAS Associate Dean Samantha Swindell, met with Tri-Cities leadership and faculty to learn more about their campus context, and to explore how to better support assessment of student learning in undergraduate degrees offered on multiple campuses, in ways that are feasible and meaningful on each campus. A meet-and-greet session offered the chance for ATL and Associate Dean Swindell to talk with faculty assessment contacts and other interested faculty and staff about assessment and teaching, and to exchange information about campus communities in Pullman and Richland.

Additionally, ten instructors from nine departments attended ATL’s hands-on workshop, entitled “Clearer Assignments Enhance Learning,” designed to help faculty explore how transparent teaching and learning practices can enhance equitable learning experiences for all students. The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to revise one of their assignments, incorporating transparent assignment design principles, and to share and receive collegial feedback on their assignment for further refinement.

As a result of our meetings and discussions, we left the Tri-Cities with a better understanding of the campus and some of its unique opportunities for students and faculty. We also came away with suggestions to share about ways to support program assessment, teaching, and learning in undergraduate degrees offered on multiple campuses. These ideas will be important as undergraduate programs grow their enrollments across campuses and coordinate assessment for an increasing number of majors.

If you would like more information about ATL’s assessment support available at all campuses, please contact one of ATL’s assessment specialists.

Consolidated Information Systems Building at WSU Tri-Cities.