Summary of 2014 Annual Assessment Reports by Undergraduate Programs

ATL recently presented Provost Bernardo with the 2014 summary of undergraduate program assessment reports from 60 degree programs. As an overall trend, the annual reports indicate that undergraduate programs are making gradual, credible progress in systematizing assessment of student learning and using its results. In particular, many programs have strengthened student learning outcomes, enhanced existing curriculum maps, and continue to include assessment results in their decision-making about curriculum or instruction.

ATL is working with undergraduate programs over a five-year period to deepen the quality and utility of program assessment. This year, ATL will focus on strengthening direct and indirect measures of student learning, particularly at the senior level, and will help programs ensure their assessment results are analyzed and available on a timely basis for use.

While progress has been made, the 2014 reports also suggest that continued effort is needed to involve all campuses, including Global Campus, in assessment systems and communication, and to ensure that chairs/directors, teaching faculty, and/or a faculty committee discuss assessment regularly, at least annually. This year, departments, colleges, and campuses will also help clarify expectations about effective infrastructure and archives to support assessment.

This fall, ATL is meeting with college and campus leadership to discuss their 2014 annual reports and, as usual, is working directly with programs.

ATL extends appreciation to all the faculty and chairs who have invested time in their assessment activities, as well as into their annual reports. For additional assessment support in the upcoming year, contact the assessment specialist for your college or area.