2014 University Catalog Will Include Learning Outcomes for Each Degree

The 2014 WSU Catalog will include student learning outcomes for each degree offered at WSU. In April, the Registrar’s annual Call for Copy went out to WSU departments, with the request that each degree provide current student learning outcomes as part of the department’s information. For the catalog, many departments provide a condensed, narrative form of their student learning outcomes.

In recent years, many degrees have updated their student learning outcomes. While some departments have posted them on department websites or in student handbooks, WSU’s accreditor requires that the university publish student learning outcomes for all degrees offered. Including them in the catalog is part of an effort to make student learning outcomes more accessible to students, faculty, staff, and accreditors.

ATL appreciates the work and coordination among many people to put this in place. If your department has questions, contact ATL staff.