Faculty Senate Updates Policy on Assessment of Student Learning

In March, 2014, WSU’s Faculty Senate approved an update to the policy on assessment of student learning in degree programs.

In the nearly 25 years since the university’s policy on assessment was formulated (Faculty Senate EPPM passed 1990; updated in 2009), there have been substantial changes in federal, regional, state, and professional societies’ expectations of the assessment of student learning. Intended to help meet current and future expectations for assessment, the updated policy clarifies the purposes for assessment as well as the roles and responsibilities of faculty and leadership in the academic units.  The policy was developed over the past year with input from academic leadership, including the Liaison Council for Undergraduate Assessment, the Graduate Advisory Council, the Associate Deans, the Provost’s Accreditation Committee. After discussion and revision, the Faculty Senate approved the updated policy, with the amendment that the policy be reviewed and re-approved in two years.

The updated policy will be available on Faculty Senate’s website. ATL welcomes feedback from the academic programs, colleges, and campuses as they work on assessment, in the context of the updated EPPM on assessment.