Dr. Scott Freeman Shares Evidence-Based Teaching Methods for Introductory Science Courses

Scott Freeman.

Dr. Scott Freeman, an NSF-funded biology education researcher and UW Distinguished Teaching Award recipient, shared insights from his research at the School of Molecular Biosciences Seminar Series on September 19th, 2013. Dr. Freeman’s research focuses on enhancing student learning and success in introductory biology courses, using low cost or no cost techniques. He is the author of Biological Science and co-author of Evolutionary Analysis, as well as well-received articles on the topic of improving student learning in introductory science courses.

Dr. Freeman’s seminar, “Evidence-Based Teaching in Introductory Biology,” attracted STEM faculty and teaching assistants from multiple colleges across WSU. His data show increased pass rates in a large introductory biology course by moving from a traditional lecture style to active-learning interventions both in and out of the classroom.  Dr. Freeman’s research indicates that active-learning methods and frequent opportunities to practice positively affect learning of all students, and particularly benefit under-prepared students.

ATL encourages attendees to follow-up within their programs and colleges. ATL staff would be happy to work with faculty wishing to discuss Dr. Freeman’s work further or its application in WSU classes. For more information, contact ATL.