Summary of 2012 Annual Assessment Reports: Undergraduate Programs Achieved Significant Assessment Goals

All 54 WSU undergraduate programs submitted annual assessment reports in October. ATL compiled the results and provided summaries for each college as well as a WSU-wide summary. The 2012 reports indicate that several significant goals have been achieved in WSU’s undergraduate program assessment.

All programs had the following elements in place and up-to-date by 9/1/2012:

  • Student learning outcomes
  • Assessment plan
  • Curriculum map of key learning outcomes
  • Direct and indirect measures
  • Documentation of how assessment results contribute to decision-making in the program

The reports also indicate the need for continued improvement in multi-campus communication and coordination of assessment.

Assessment reporting provides data for decision-making, it supports effective, systematic assessment, and it contributes to institutional accreditation.

For more information, see Past Reports and Summaries.