Past Assessment Mini-Grant Projects

Examples of previously funded programs and project titles are listed below (click on the project titles for more information). ACE thanks all of those who have taken the time to submit an application and continues to encourage all efforts connected to systematic assessment, innovation, and/or faculty development for assessment in undergraduate degree programs.

Fall 2015

Asia ProgramStudent Engagement in Asia Program Assessment: Creating a Module on Disciplinary Approaches - create online learning modules to introduce different disciplinary approaches
ChemistryDirect Assessment of Chemistry Program Learning Goals - implement direct assessment of several learning goals using a national exam
Construction ManagementConstruction Management Program - Assessment Analysis Phase 1 - utilize a student worker for data entry of results from senior exit surveys
Foreign Languages & CulturesEntrance Placement Testing Pilot - pilot a foreign language entrance placement exam to establish an initial measure of student language ability
Human DevelopmentQualitative Analysis of Mentor Evaluations of Human Development Interns - utilize a time-slip assistant to organize qualitative data from intern mentor surveys
NursingBuilding Faculty Assessment Capacity in the CON - create faculty development videos and continuing education materials
Public AffairsCase Conversations - access to a library of cases in public affairs to be used in program’s direct measure
School of Biological SciencesAssessment Database Development: Aligning Data from Multiple Sources - utilize a student worker to create an assessment database with student records of assessment
School of Design & ConstructionSDC Assessment Archive - utilize a student worker to help create an assessment archive
School of Molecular BiosciencesAssessment of Student Learning Gains in the Microbiology Degree with Alignment to Vision & Change - develop and validate concept inventory

Spring 2016

EnglishStudent Interviews to Inform Curriculum Development and Revision - utilize a student worker to conduct and process interviews with undergraduates to assess student experiences, needs and perceptions; findings are intended to identify areas to target for program development and revision
Middle Level Math EndorsementMiddle Level Math Endorsement Program Assessment Project: Improve Measures - utilize a research assistant to revise a student survey and analyze survey results as well as manage the collection and pilot analysis of student work samples from required courses
PsychologyDissemination of Program Assessment Outcomes Data to the Psychology Faculty - utilize a student worker to assist in the compilation, analysis, and organization of assessment data into a comprehensive presentation for Psychology faculty
SociologyPilot Senior Portfolio Rubric Assessment - utilize a student worker to conduct analysis to test a rubric developed to assess student portfolios

Fall 2016

ChemistryUsing the Paired Question Technique to Assess Student Learning in General Chemistry - implement a national "paired question" exam to directly assess students' quantitative and conceptual understanding of topics aligned with several program learning goals

Spring 2017

Political Science and PhilosophyBuilding Bridges Between Direct and Indirect Assessment Measures: Toward More Meaningful Assessment - utilize a student time-slip worker to input data from the program's assessment of senior papers and student course evaluations, and assist in the development of a presentation of the results for program faculty